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Grown with your health in mind

At Kinmana Organics, we are passionate about providing the very best organic, free-range produce that is healthy for the earth and healthy for you. 

Some things are best left to Nature. We think Lamb and Poultry belong to this ideal.

Because nothing compares to slow-grown pasture-raised produce!

Kinmana Organics specializes in ‘paddock to plate’ service. Our farming methods reflect our desire and commitment to provide a safe and sustainable place for future generations. 

100% Free Range, Laying hens produce Kinmana Certified Organic Eggs, available in SA and VIC.

Kinmana Certified organic Lamb are delicious, superior with distinct flavour.

A sustainable future

Our focus at Kinmana Organics is on creating a farming system that works in harmony with nature to improve quality of life for every creature involved.  We believe and practice that giving back to the soil nurtures our fragile ecosystem and supports life on all levels. Not just for today, or tomorrow, but for many generations to come. 

Healthier, Happier Animals

The welfare of our livestock is our top priority which is why we only treat them with natural and organic methods for optimal animal health. 

our Produce

When you buy from Kinmana Organics, You’re supporting local organic agriculture and sustainable farming in South Australia. 

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