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Some things are best left to Nature. We think Lamb and Poultry belong to this ideal.

Because nothing compares to slow-grown pasture-raised produce!

Kinmana Heritage chickens are a superb table bird that has been skilfully bred to thrive outside on diverse Australian pastures. These birds live well, forage, follow their own natural instincts, grow at their own, natural pace, and are filled with nutritious goodness that can only come from healthy, nurtured farmland.

100% Free Range, Laying hens produce Kinmana Certified Organic Eggs, available in SA and VIC.

Kinmana Certified organic Lamb are delicious, superior with distinct flavour.

It all starts with sustainable, regenerative farming practices


Kinmana Organics’ Farm specialises in caring for the soil, resources and livestock. Great care is taken to teach the next generation about Sustainable Food production.

✔️ Healthier, Happier Birds ✔️ Higher nutrition Values
✔️ Superior Taste and Texture ✔️ Better Animal Welfare
✔️Chemical and Medication Free ✔️ SOY and GMO free


When you buy Kinmana Organics produce, you’re supporting local organic agriculture and sustainable farming in South Australia.


To contact the farmers:

Justin & Rita Porker
0408 511 027


To contact the butchers:

Maidments Meat Service
Dawson Street, Strathalbyn
08 8536 2618